Advent Garden

In the Advent Garden dark the night below, earth is waiting, waiting, waiting for Christ’s light to glow.

At the beginning of Advent Sashabaw Presbyterian Church offers the annual indoor Advent Garden Walk. A brief explanation of the walk is given before we enter the sanctuary, how God created a world of beauty but humanity chooses to walk in darkness. Yet because of God’s love for us he sent us a savior who came into this world to bring light and salvation to all that believe. When we accept Christ’s light it is then for us to take our light and share it with others lighting the path for all to see.

In the dim light sanctuary as soft meditative music is played we read scripture, we pray and we are quiet as we ponder the gift of hope, peace, joy and love. A symbol of Christ’s light stands in the middle of the spiral. The Pastor tells a story, a story that reflects the unknown for all of us as we travel our personal life’s journey. But a story of hope that is brought through the birth of a child. “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. They lived in a land of shadows, but now light is shining on them.” Isaiah 9:2

Alone each child and adult walks the path that is laid out of greens and with symbols of the beauty of God’s creation: rocks and minerals, plants, animals and humans. Each person carries an it candle in an apple. Some walk slowly and observed the symbols along the path. Others hurry to the light quickly getting through the darkness. As each one reaches the center of the path they receive the light of Christ lighting their own candle. On departing another way they place their light along the path thus sharing their light and lighting the path for others. In the stillness of the night the path grows brighter and the room begins to glow. After each person has walked the garden path we end with prayer and the singing of O Come O Come Emmanuel. There is time for reflection and then each one leaves in silence.

It is a beautiful a night that reminds us of what Advent is for. Not just for preparing for Christmas morning with a celebration of food, gifts, family and friends but the Advent of Christ’s coming again in hope, peace, joy and love. Let us Prepare the Way.

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