Who We Are

We are women and men.
We are single, married, divorced.
We are Baby Boomers and Tweens
We are dark skinned and white skinned.
We are brown haired, white haired, purple haired and blonde.
We are hopeful.
We have been through war(s).
We are conservative.
We are straight and gay.
We have college educations.
We are Gen-Xers and Millennials
We are dreamers.
We are liberal.
We have GEDs
We grew up with Facebook.
We have questions.

We are all these things.
We are some of these things.

We are the church

Most importantly
We are followers of Jesus Christ.

We gather together as a community who are seeking ways to be God’s people in the twenty-first century. We are re-visioning church – combining the old with the new and learning how to be followers of Christ in our personal, communal and public lives.
We are reformed and always reforming.

We are a mustard seed.

Come Join Us!


The Season of Intentional Sharing

Begins Saturday, November 7

We have been given 2 families to encourage with food for this season. If you can bring in any of the following to help support these two families please begin on November 7.
We have been requested to provide some specific times based upon the health needs of one of the families. The following is requested:
• Jiff peanut butter
• Dawn Dish soap (blue can be used for household cleaning as well as dishes)
• Hamburger Helper and Chicken Helper
• Light Tuna IN WATER
• egg noodles
• Canned peaches
• Canned pears
• Pancake mix (with water preferred – not Bisquick)
• Stuffing
• Soup (Campbell preferred) – Tomato, Chicken Noodle, Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken
• Spaghetti
• Spaghetti Sauce
• Crackers (other than Salteens)
• Canned Corn
• Dry milk
• Baby Wipes (unscented)
• Toilet Paper
• Paper Towels
• Cake and Dessert Mixes (i.e. brownies etc)